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Add an external flashgun to your camera when the power of the built-in unit limits your photographic needs. Most flashguns will have a head that rotates and tilts to enable you to reflect light from a ceiling when using your camera in landscape or portrait formats. A picture taken with bounce flash will have much softer lighting & if used correctly will eliminate shadows behind your subject. All camera flash comes with 12 months warranty as standard.
Canon Flashguns         
A range of flashguns from Canon that offer high build quality with an incredible amount of control over your photographs lighting. Canon flashguns encompass their ethos of allowing the photographer absolute control of his image lighting.

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Litepanels produce the innovative Litepanels Micro kit which is a compact and fully dimmable LED light for DV and D-SLR cameras. Litepanels products are used in film making, TV productions and even to light the media room in the White House.

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Manfrotto LED Lighting         
Manfrotto now produce a range of LED lighting units from the simple compact Pocket series through to larger more professional units.

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Metz Flashguns         
With an extensive range covering all situations, from non dedicated compact flashguns to ultra high powered hammerhead units, Metz will have the flashgun for you, be it analogue or digital. A full range of accessories is also available for your Metz Mecablitz from external power packs to connecting cords.

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Metz Studio Lighting         
Metz now have a range of quality studio lighting along with a comprehensive range of accessories including softboxes, umbrellas, barn doors, snoots, dishes and reflectors.

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Nikon Flashguns         
The highest quality flashguns for the highest quality cameras. Great build quality and sophisticated lighting effects are at your fingertips when you add a Nikon flashgun to your camera.

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Nissin Flashguns         
Nissin is one of Japan's leading manufacturers of electronic flash units. It has supplied high quality lighting to the worldwide photographic community since its founding in February 12, 1959 by Koshiro Hino. For almost 50 years Nissin has maintained exceptional quality standards that two generations of photographers have relied on for their lighting needs. Nissin's latest offerings, the Di622 Speedlite and SC-01 Universal Shoe Card continue their history of bringing innovative products to the photographic industry.

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Olympus Flashguns         
A range of flashguns and accessories that compliment the Olympus digital camera range superbly well. A range of models are available with various powers and features.

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Panasonic Flashguns         
A range of flashguns and accessories that compliment the Panasonic digital camera range superbly well. A range of models are available with various powers and features.

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Pentax Flashguns         
A range of dedicated flashguns for use with Pentax AF SLR cameras. Both conventional bounce head and dedicated macro flashguns are available.

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Rotolight Lighting         
Rotolight are the leading brand of on-camera and studio LED lighting systems for video and photography. Based at the world renowned Pinewood Studios near London, Rotolight are proud to create award winning and revolutionary lighting manufactured and assembled in the United Kingdom.

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Sigma Flashguns         
Highly respected for their superb range of lenses Sigma also supply some fantastic flashguns to the serious photographer. Dedicated to your camera the Sigma guns supply the option for high power and versatility or macro ring flash.

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Sony Flashguns         
Sony produce a range of flashguns and accessories that compliment the Sony digital camera range superbly well. A range of models are available with various powers and features.

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Sunpak Flashguns         
Sunpak is one of the world's largest manufacturers of electronic flash equipment. It has earned a reputation for advanced technical achievement and superior quality. Sunpak electronic flashes are produced for professionals as well as enthusiasts and casual photographers.

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Flash Accessories         
A range of accessories are available for your flashgun including off camera brackets and diffusers which soften the flash light and reduce harsh shadows that can appear when using a flashgun.

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PocketWizard produce a high quality range of wireless triggering products. Whether you are firing a remote camera mounted on an aircraft wing, using TTL flash for a wedding or working a fashion shoot with manual power control, PocketWizard makes it possible.

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