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Binoculars come in a great variety of sizes and magnifications. Compact, pocket sized models are usually 8x25 or 10x25 - the first number is the magnification and the second the diameter of the objective lens at the front. Popular binoculars for bird watching would be 8x42. The larger the second number the more light will enter the binoculars, making the image brighter and clearer. There are very high powered binoculars around which need to be mounted on a tripod for the best results and these are ideal for general observation and astronomy viewing - especially the moon.
Barr & Stroud Binos         
Barr and Stroud produce a range of good quality binoculars all of which come complete with a carrying case, neck strap and cleaning cloth. All Barr and Stroud binoculars come with a 10 year guarantee.

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Bresser Binoculars         
Celestron produce a good range of binoculars from great value compact roof prisms to high quality waterproof models and even high magnification astronomical binoculars.

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Canon Binoculars         
Canon now specialise in a range of high quality binoculars with Image Stabilisation systems. This allows the user to enjoy a rock steady image when viewing at any magnification.

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Celestron Binoculars         
Celestron produce a good range of binoculars from great value compact roof prisms to high quality waterproof models and even high magnification astronomical binoculars.

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Helios Binoculars         
Helios produce a wide range of both monoculars and binoculars, including some very good observation models which are excellent for astronomical use.

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Kenro Binoculars         
Kenro have a range of great value binoculars. Their range includes ultra compact models, opera glasses, porro and zoom models.

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Meade Binoculars         
Meade produce a good range of binoculars and include compact, full size, zoom and observation models.

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Nikon Binoculars         
Another vast range of binoculars is supplied by Nikon. Compacts, porro and roof prism, monoculars, observation and image stabilised binoculars are all produced, the Travelite and Monarch series are particularly popular.

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Olympus Binoculars         
Olympus supply a vast range of binoculars that will suit all pockets, both in a financial & physical sense! From the inexpensive compacts to some superb Nitrogen filled waterproof optics Olympus know how to make some terrific binoculars.

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Opticron Binoculars         
Opticron was founded in the UK in 1970. It is now one of the leading optics manufacturers and is well known and recommended by many wildlife, outdoor and birding enthusiasts. Their range includes binoculars, spotting scopes, monoculars, tripods and other accessories.

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Pentax Binoculars         
A vast range of binoculars encompassing theatre optics, compacts, full size porro and roof prism designs and some great observation models. Their Papilio models are amongst the closest focusing binoculars money can buy.

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Steiner Binoculars         
With over fifty years of experience in the production of high quality binoculars Steiner now offer some of the worlds finest optics available. Specialist binoculars for wildlife now have the unique Predator coating to make the viewed object stand out from the background. Protective coating against harmful UV was first used by Steiner in the production of their binoculars. Renowned for their tough rubber coated bodies Steiner binoculars are used by specialist agencies the world over, from Police forces to military agencies and outdoor enthusiasts. This range of binoculars is truly superb and by investing in a pair of Steiner binoculars you will be purchasing an accessory for life.

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Vixen Binoculars         
Vixen offers a selection of high quality large aperture binocular telescopes which are designed for astronomy but which can also be used for long distance terrestrial viewing. These binoculars use standard 1.25 inch eyepiece fittings and so offer an extremely wide selection of magnifications. The Vixen SLV range of eyepieces is ideal for use with the BT series of binoculars.

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Vortex Binoculars         
Vortex produce a range of high quality binoculars including porro prism and roof prisms models. All Vortex binoculars are covered by their VIP warranty - Vortex will repair or replace your Vortex product for any reason at no charge to you. It does not matter how it happended, whose fault it was, or where you purchased it.

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