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In this category you will find camera film for 35mm, medium format and APS cameras. Black and white, colour, negative and transparency films are listed. Bristol Cameras offers mail order developing and printing services via its in-store mini lab. We can offer developing and printing of 35mm, APS and 120 film types and prints and enlargements up to A2 size all done on site.
35mm Negative Film         
Here you will find both colour and black + white negative films for 35mm cameras. A range of ISO speeds are available from ultra fine grain Reala 100 and Ektar 100 to ultra high speed 1600 ISO Fuji Superia.

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35mm Transparency Film         
In this category you will find transparency films, also know as reversal and slide films, for 35mm cameras. Transparency films can be either process paid or non process paid so please check the product description before ordering to ensure the correct film is being ordered.

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110 Camera Film         
110 is a cartridge based film format introduced by Kodak in 1972. Each frame is 13 x 17 mm and there are 24 frames per cartridge. Manufacture of 110 films was stopped in 2009, however Lomography re-commenced 110 film production in 2011 and now offers a variety of versions.

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120 Roll Film         
120 roll film is used by medium format cameras such as the Mamiya 645 and Bronica ETRSi. It is available in black and white negative, colour negative and colour reversal/transparency formats.

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8mm + 16mm Motion Film         
16mm and 8mm film has been used since the 1920s/30s when Eastman Kodak first introduced the formats.

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APS Film         
APS (Advanced Photo System) film and cameras were introduced in 1996 as an alternative to the traditional 35mm film. Although the system never really caught on APS film is currently still available and can be found in this category.

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This category contains all the hardware you will need to process and develop your own films and prints at home. Developing tanks, trays, tongs, bottles, all of your darkroom essentials.

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Developing Chemistry         
In this category you will find various chemicals for developing films and paper, including fixers, developers and stop baths.

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Fotospeed B+W RCVC Paper         
Fotospeed RCVC is a high quality resin coated paper with a generously weighted base, ideal for general purpose printing or fine art printing where a hassel free resin coated base is required. This paper is not only an excellent choice for beginners looking to make their first prints, or improve their darkroom skills, but also for enthusiasts and professionals looking for an alternative to the more mainstream brands. Offered in two surfaces: Gloss or Oyster, the latter offering a degree of sheen and reflectance, similar to Ilford Pearl or Kentmere Fine Lustre.

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Ilford Photographic Paper         
Ilford offer a large range of black and white photographic paper. Resin coated, fibre based and cotton rag types are all available in a variety of finishes and paper sizes.

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Mail Order Developing         
Bristol Cameras offers mail order developing and printing services via its in-store mini lab. We can offer developing and printing of 35mm, APS and 120 film types and prints and enlargements up to A2 size all done on site.

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Photo + Film Storage         
Keep your photos and negatives in top condition by using a dedicated storage solution. In this category you will find negative file pages, binders and envelopes for prints and negatives.

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Sheet Film - 4x5 Inches         
Sheet film is used by large format and some medium format cameras. It is supplied on individual sheets of polyester film base rather than rolls. These film sheets measure 10.2 x 12.7cm (4 x 5 inches).

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