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The Cokin filter system utilises a filter holder that connects to your SLR lens via the filter thread. The holder is then able to take whichever filter(s) you require to obtain your desired result. Approx 200 filters are currently available ranging from the basic UV to many special effects options. The advantage of this system is that if you have a number of lenses with different filter threads you just need to buy the correct thread adapter for each one and then you can use the system with any of the lenses without having to purchase each filter in each thread size.
Cokin P Series Centre Spot Filters         
P series centre spot filters have a clear centre spot with a coloured or diffused outer. Primarily used for portraiture.

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Cokin P Series Coloured Filters         
P series solid colour filters which are used in a wide variety of both film and digital photography for creating a colour cast on images, correcting or altering colour temperature of an image and many more effects.

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Cokin P Series Diffractor And Star Filters         
P series diffractor and star burst filters.

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Cokin P Series Effects Filters         
P series special effects filters. A range of filters to create unusual effects such as double exposures, speed blur and multiple images.

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Cokin P Series Filter Kits         
series filter kits contain a Cokin P series filter holder and usually 3 Cokin P series filters specially selected for the type of kit you are purchasing. The relevant filter thread adapter will be required.

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Cokin P Series Graduated Filters         
P series graduated filters. It is very easy to loose detail in the sky of a landscape shot, especially in bright situations so that it appears white in the photograph. If a graduated filter was used, this would lower the amount of light captured by the camera in the sky area so that detail in the clouds can be seen. Coloured graduated filters can also add subtle or dramatic colours to enhance your landscape.

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Cokin P Series Holders, Adapters And Accessories         
Standard and wide angle holders plus filter thread adapters, filter wallets and storage boxes, hoods and caps can all be found here.

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Cokin P Series ND Filters         
P series neutral density filters allow you to evenly reduce the amount of light entering the lens without influence on colour temperature, colour balance or contrast. They are especially used when shooting in bright light such as snowy mountains and white sandy beaches.

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Cokin P Series Pastels And Diffusing Filters         
P series pastel and diffusing filters, especially used in portraiture to soften specific areas of the image or the whole photograph.

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Cokin P Series Polarising Filters         
P series polarising filters which are simple to use but can create amazing changes to images which simply cannot be recreated in image manipulation software. Rich blue skies with white fluffy clouds, simply created by turning the rotating filter to the appropriate angle which increases contrast in a sky, Removing reflections from water and glass captures your subject in detail where it may not have been properly visible before.

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Cokin P Series UV Filters         
P series UV and Skylight filters which absorb UV rays, reduces excessive blue casts, reduces haze and therefore clarifies views.

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Cokin Z-Pro Series Size L         
Cokin Z-Pro series (Size L) filter holders, adaptor rings, filters and accessories can all be found in this section. The Cokin Z-Pro series (Size L) is recommended for SLR cameras, full frame and APS-C sensor D-SLR cameras with larger diameter lenses. Filter width is 100mm.

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