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Hitech Screw In Filters

Formatt Hitech produce a large range of circular screw in glass filters. The range includes variable neutral density, variable colour temperature, standard and graduated ND, polarising, colour effects and special effects types.
Firecrest Polarisers         
Polarisers are essential filters for increasing the image quality of your outdoor photographs because they reduce atmospheric haze, increasing contrast between clouds and sky, and remove unwanted reflections from water, windows, and foliage. The Firecrest Circular polarisers are premium quality polarisers featuring our exclusive Firecrest anti-reflective multi coating providing your images will have the highest contrast and fidelity. Firecrest Circular Polarisers are housed in our precision milled SuperSlim or UltraSlim rotating polariser rings.

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Hitech Firecrest ND Circ         
Firecrest ND is a revolutionary new type of ND filter from Formatt-Hitech. Rather than dyed resin, Firecrest is a carbon metallic coating used to create hyper neutral NDs. These circular ND filters are made from Schott Superwite glass and feature stackable 5.5mm SuperSlim rings. Firecrest ND filters are hydrophobic, anti-reflective and extremely flare resistant, which increases contrast and visual acuity in challenging lighting conditions.

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Hitech Multistop Filters         
The Formatt Hitech Multistop filter is a variable neutral density (ND) filter available in a variety of screw thread sizes. A single Multistop filter allows you to adjust from 1 stop to 6 stops of added density.

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Hitech Warm2Cool Filters         
The Formatt Hitech Warm2Cool filter is an innovative filter which allows you to warm up or cool down an image simply by rotating the filter. Several tones of warming yellow/gold or cooling blue can be introduced without having to keep changing filters. A must have filter for the landscape photographer.

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