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Explore the potential of your SLR camera with the addition of a lens from either your camera manufacturer or one of the Independent manufacturers that we list below. Lenses from Tokina, Tamron & Sigma offer superb quality, and full compatibility to your Nikon, Canon, Minolta, Olympus or Pentax camera. All SLR Lenses come with 12 Months warranty as standard. Lens accessories such as cases. filters and caps can also be found in this section.
Canon Lenses         
Canon produce a range of lenses for a photographers every need. The worlds first manufacturer to develop and market a lens with built in stabilisation which counteracts the photographers camera shake, the Canon range now includes a whole list of image stabilisation lenses, in addition to macro, portrait, ultra wide and super telephoto lenses.

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Fuji Lenses         
Fuji produces a range of lenses for their X series of Compact System Cameras such as the X-E1 and X-Pro 1 models.

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Nikon Lenses         
Nikon lenses are renowned for their highly developed multi coating & incredible image sharpness the world over. Truly a manufacturer who lists a lens for all occasions, Nikon always cater for the needs of their loyal camera owners.

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Olympus Lenses         
A superb range of Zuiko lenses for use with the Olympus four thirds range of digital SLRs. Teleconverters and extension tubes are also available.

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Panasonic Lenses         
Panasonic produce a range or Micro Four Thirds System lenses for their Lumix Micro System cameras such as the Lumix DMC-G1, DMC-GF1 and the DMC-GH1 models.

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Pentax Lenses         
Pentax's DA and F DA range of lenses are optimised for use with their digital range of SLR cameras. Ultra wide angle, telephoto zoom and specialist macro focal lengths are all covered.

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Samyang Lenses         
Samyang produce a wide range of lenses covering focal lengths from 7.5mm right through to 1300mm. Popular with photography enthusiasts Samyang lenses are fantastic value.

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Sigma Lenses         
The worlds best range of independent lenses. Made to be fully compatible with all of the camera manufacturers bodies, Sigma offers a long list of lenses which includes the first stabilised system lens from an independent supplier. Many photographers would choose a Sigma lens instead of a camera manufacturers on a quality as well as on a price basis. Sigma lenses purchased from 1st September 2010 will now come with a 3 year warranty (if registered with Sigma UK within 30 days of purchase).

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Sony Lenses         
The newest digital SLR camera manufacturer on the block, Sony took over the Konica Minolta SLR camera operation in 2006. Sony now produces a large range of prime, zoom and macro lenses for the Alpha digital SLR series.

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Tamron Lenses         
The Di range of lenses from Tamron are specifically designed for today's digital slr cameras and offer high image resolution and superb optical performance. New anti reflection multi coating reduces image flare and peripheral light fall off. Tamron lenses purchased from 1st April 2010 will now come with a 5 year warranty.

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Tokina Lenses         
Tokina produce a range of high quality lenses including wide angle and telephoto zoom lenses, a dedicated macro lens and even a zoom fish eye lens which is very popular.

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Extension Tubes         
An extension tube allows your lens to focus closer than normal by moving the lens further away from the camera body. Sometimes they will come in a set of 3 and by trying different combinations can vary the distance from the subject the lens can focus down to.

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One of the most popular accessories for your camera lens is a filter. A skylight or UV filter on the lens is essential even if its just acting as protection - a basic UV filter is a lot cheaper to replace than the front element of a lens if you have an accident. In this section you'll find filters by Kood, Hoya and Cokin.

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Lens Accessories         
Here you'll find accessories for your lens such as rear lens and body caps, lens caps, hoods, lens cases, stepping rings, series 7 rings and T2 mounts.

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These accessories multiply the effective focal length of an attached lens by a factor. For example, a 200mm lens with a 1.4x teleconverter has an effective focal length of 280mm: with the 2x teleconverter, this increases to 400mm. Not all lenses will retain auto focus with a teleconverter attached and you will loose 1-2 stops of light depending on which teleconverter is being used.

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