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Underwater Accessories

This section includes all of the accessories that are available for your underwater camera / housing such as weights, close up and wide angle lens attachments, o-ring grease and more.
10 Bar Underwater Accessories         
High quality and durable underwater accessories which are 10 bar pressure tested (300ft/90m). Their range of Flex Arms and Slot Stays are compatible with a wide range of strobe and lights.

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Dive Lights         
A dive light is a really useful accessory for snorkellers and scuba divers. Not just used for night dives, a dive light can be perfect for exploring a cave or a ship wreck and even just enabling you to recover colours that are normally lost whilst underwater. Also perfect for use with your underwater camera, acting as both a modelling and focus light.

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Divepro UW Accessories         
Divepro produce a range of quality video and dive lights and underwater accessories.

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Epoque Underwater Accessories         
Epoque produce high quality macro and wide angle conversion lenses in 46mm, 55mm and 67mm thread sizes. Very popular with Olympus housing users.

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Fantasea UW Accessories         
Fantasea produce a range of accessories, such as wide angle lenses and filters which are compatible with both Fantasea housings and other brands of housings which feature filter threads on their lens ports. Fantasea also produce a good range of focus lights and underwater torches which feature the latest LED technology.

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Ikelite UW Accessories         
A range of accessories suitable for use with Ikelite underwater camera housings.

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Inon UW Accessories         
Inon produce a range of high quality accessories for underwater housings including strobes, lenses, lighting arms and LED lights.

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Leak Insure         
Leak Insure produce a variety of sachets which contain highly absorbent granules that can hold 400 times their own weight in freshwater. Placing one or two of these sachets in your underwater housing before a dive can buy you valuable time to get to the surface and save your camera if the housing starts to leak.

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Nikon Housing Accessories         
Accessories for your Nikon underwater camera housing including spare caps, straps, desiccant and grease.

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Olympus Underwater Accessories         
Olympus produce a variety of accessories for use with their underwater camera housings including LCD hoods, weights, macro and wide angle conversion lenses.

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Sea & Sea UW Accessories         
Sea & Sea produce a wide range of underwater photography products including housings, dedicated underwater cameras, strobe systems plus accessories.

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Sealife Underwater Accessories         
A great range of accessories compatible with most of their digital or film underwater cameras including cases, strobes, conversion lenses, batteries and more.

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Ultralight UW Accessories         
Ultralight produce light weight aluminium arms for attaching strobes or video lights to your underwater housing. All their products are made from 6061 aluminium that is machined and then hard anodized in order to withstand the harshest treatment.

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UN Underwater Accessories         
UN is one of the leading suppliers of photographic products in Japan. They produce a comprehensive range of underwater housing accessories including grips, brackets, clamps, arms and adapters.

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Zen Underwater Dome Ports         
Zen Underwater produce a range of high quality optical glass dome ports for use with Subal, Nauticam, Sea + Sea housings and also a dedicated dome port for the Olympus PT-EP01 underwater housing for the PEN E-PL1 digital camera.

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Underwater Filters         
In this category you will find the Kood range of great value underwater colour correction filters. Both orange and magenta filters are available in sizes from 27mm right up to 125x125mm. Also available in this section are the STC underwater fader filters which allow step less fader control to correct the colour on camera during a dive.

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