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Spotting Scopes

Spotting scopes are primarily used by bird watchers or as general observation and usually fixed to a tripod. Prices can vary dramatically, you generally pay more for a larger objective lens which lets more light in and the type of optics used in the construction of the scope. You can normally change the eyepiece for a different magnification or zoom eyepiece with variable magnification. Spotting scopes come in a straight or angled design, there are pros and cons to both types and it depends on where and what you intend to observe as to which design would suit best.
Acuter Spotting Scopes         
Acuter spotting scopes are made using top quality materials and all scopes come with a carry case. All spotting scope models can be easily attached to an SLR camera using a T2 adapter to use the scope effectively as a lens for digiscoping.

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Celestron Spotting Scopes         
Celestron produce a range of high quality spotting scopes that will please the keenest of birders with their bright lenses and great value prices. Celestron have a range of spotting scopes from compact 65mm models right up to a large 100mm model. All spotting scopes come with a soft carry case and are D-SLR ready with only the relevant T2 mount required to attach your D-SLR camera to the scope for digiscoping.

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Helios Spotting Scopes         
Helios produce a range of spotting scope models from the hand held Rapide monocular right up to the ED82DS Dual Speed Waterproof Fieldmaster Triplet.

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Meade Spotting Scopes         

Meade offer an excellent range of spotting scopes. Available in 65, 80 and 100mm objective lens sizes. They are waterproof, with sliding lens shades to improve contrast and a variable zoom eyepiece. Camera adapter (requires relevant T2 mount, not included) and soft case are included as standard.

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Nikon Spotting Scopes         
Renowned for their high quality optics Nikon manufacture a range of telescopes for the birdwatcher who demands the best resolution and build quality available.

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Opticron Spotting Scopes         
Opticron produce a range of high quality spotting scopes that will please the keenest of birders with their bright lenses and great value prices. Opticron have a range of spotting scopes from compact 52mm models right up to large 100mm models.

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Pentax Spotting Scopes         
Pentax offers a selection of high performance, high quality spotting scopes in a variety of sizes, from the compact 65ED portable models to the full size 80ED and 100ED models. Each spotting scope features extra low dispersion (ED) glass to ensure images with more contrast and truer colours, rotating tripod collars, built in sun shades, sac coating, and waterproof rated JIS Class 6 down to 1 metre.

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Vortex Spotting Scopes         
Vortex produce a range of high quality spotting scopes. Both angled and straight versions are available and their range includes standard and HD glass models. All Vortex spotting scopes are covered by their VIP warranty - Vortex will repair or replace your Vortex product for any reason at no charge to you. It does not matter how it happended, whose fault it was, or where you purchased it.

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Digiscoping Accessories         
Digiscoping is the art of attaching your digital camera or video camera to a spotting scope to create a powerful telephoto lens. Digiscoping is used extensively by bird watchers to record their sightings. In this section you will find a range of adapters and brackets that are designed for fit a variety of scopes and camera.

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