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One of the most popular accessories for your camera lens is a filter. A skylight or UV filter on the lens is essential even if its just acting as protection - a basic UV filter is a lot cheaper to replace than the front element of a lens if you have an accident. In this section you'll find filters by Kood, Hoya and Cokin.
Canon Filters         
Canon produce their own range of quality filters. The range includes both protection and polarising filters.

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Cokin Filters         
The Cokin filter system utilises a filter holder that connects to your SLR lens via the filter thread. The holder is then able to take whichever filter(s) you require to obtain your desired result. Approx 200 filters are currently available ranging from the basic UV to many special effects options. The advantage of this system is that if you have a number of lenses with different filter threads you just need to buy the correct thread adapter for each one and then you can use the system with any of the lenses without having to purchase each filter in each thread size.

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H&Y Filters         
H&Y Filters create professional photographic filters for the global photography market. H&Y offer threaded circular filters from 39mm - 82mm to attach directly to threaded lenses, and also have a patented 100mm square filter system for landscape and architectural photographers featuring a magnetic frame system.

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Hama Filters         
Hama produce a wide range of filters including UV, skylight, circular polarising and variable ND filters which are high quality but great value.

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Hitech Filters (Formatt)         
The Hitech camera filter system is manufactured by Formatt Filters to offer versatility and creative capabilities to stills photographers. Manufactured from Queens Award winning CR39 dyed substrate, Formatt filters apply the same quality standards and technology to the manufacture of its range of camera filters as that of the high specifications of its glass filters. Formatt Filters extensive range of holders and adaptors are crafted from aluminium and the selection of hoods and accessories allow the filter systems to be used on any format from 35mm to 8" x 10". The Hitech camera filter range is available in 85mm and 100mm sizes.

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Hoya Filters         
Hoya are the largest worldwide producer of optical glass, in fact around 60% of worldwide demand and supply is met by Hoya. Hoya has a wide variety of quality filters for use in all imaging applications such as 35mm and digital SLR cameras, medium format, large format and video. Hoya filters guarantee you the highest standards so you can create the best images.

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K&F Concept Filters         
K&F Concept was founded in 2011 and produces a wide range of camera accessories including tripods, filters, lens adapters, camera bags, flashguns and more.

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Kenko Filters         
Kenko produce a range of UV, Skylight and Circular Polarising filters which are high quality but great value.

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Kood Filters         
Kood optical glass filters for lens protection, special effects and colour correction filters. A large range of metal rimmed filters for all photographic situations in a wide range of thread sizes. Kood stepping rings are also available to adapt filters to different size lens threads.

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Nikon Filters         
Nikon produce their own range of quality filters. The range includes both protection and polarising filters.

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Sigma Filters         
Sigma's EX DG series of filters have multi layered lens coating, developed to counteract the highly reflective characteristics of digital camera image sensors. Both UV and circular polarising filters are very thin to avoid any vignetting when used with wide angle lenses.

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Sony Filters         
Sony produce their own range of quality filters. The range includes protection, circular polarising and neutral density (ND) filters.

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STC Filters         
STC was founded in 2010 and provides advanced, high quality filters plus screen protectors, lens adapters and camera accessories. As well as traditional screw in type filters STC also produces a range of innovative clip in filters which fit in the camera body.

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