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Lens Accessories

Here you'll find accessories for your lens such as rear lens and body caps, lens caps, hoods, lens cases, stepping rings, series 7 rings and T2 mounts.
Body Caps         
When you have no lens on your SLR a body cap is essential to have fitted to keep out dust out and protect the mirror and shutter mechanism from any damage. They are available in various fittings depending on the lens mount your camera has.

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easyCover Lens Rim         
Designed to protect your lens while you use it. Functional in all situations, whether it is an intensive hiking experience, a studio shoot or at home photography, your lens will be protected against bumps. Included is a Lens Ring and a Lens Bumper. The Lens Ring is flexible and stretchy in order to fit most lenses. Whereas the Lens Bumper is specially manufactured per filter diameter size: 52mm, 58mm, 62mm, 67mm, 72mm and 77mm.

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Lens Adapters         
These lens adapters allow you to attach different mount lenses onto your SLR camera body.

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Lens Caps         
Protect your SLR lens with a lens cap. Will help avoid accidental scratching of the front element whilst the lens is in your camera bag.

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Lens Cases         
Protect your SLR lens when it isn't attached to your camera with a lens case. Helps prevent marking of the lens body and front and rear elements.

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Lens Guard + Lens Cradle         
DeluxGear produce innovotive accessories for your camera including the Lens Cradle and Lens Guard. The Lens Guard is an innovative accessory for protecting your camera lens. The Lens Guard fits snugly over the end of your SLR lens protecting it from scrapes and impacts. The Lens Cradle is suitable for use with lenses which have a tripod mount and supports the camera and lens avoiding unnecessary stain on the lens mount.

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Lens Hoods         
A hood for your lens is an essential purchase. Not only do they help reduce the amount of stray light hitting the surface of the lens, they also help protect your lens as they can absorb impacts that might otherwise damage the glass itself.

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LensBand helps to prevent your zoom lens suffering from zoom creep. The simple and innovative product is available in a range of colours to suit every taste.

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Rear Lens Caps         
A rear lens cap is essential for keeping the contacts and rear element of your lens clean when it is off the camera. Available in various fittings depending on the lens mount.

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Reversing Rings         
A reversing ring, reverses the lens on the camera body. You need to choose one that matches your body mount with the filter thread on the lens. All auto coupling is lost so program exposure and shutter priority modes are not possible, but most cameras will work okay in aperture priority or manual mode using stop down metering. Canon manual focus cameras need a small adapter placed on the rear of the lens to lock the aperture down, while screw thread lenses need the aperture's coupling pin holding down if there isn't a manual switch. Canon EF autofocus cameras can't stop the lens down mechanically. A reversing ring offers an image that's razor sharp in the centre, but a little softer at the edges compared with a dedicated macro lens.

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Series 7 Rings         
A series 7 adapter ring attaches to the filter thread of your lens and allows you to use Series 7 filters, lens converters and attachments.

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Step Down Rings         
Decrease the filter thread size on your camera lens with a stepping ring. The first number is the thread size on the lens and the second number is the required filter thread size for the attachment.

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Step Up Rings         
Increase the filter thread size on your camera lens with a stepping ring. The first number is the thread size on the lens and the second number is the required filter thread size for the attachment.

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T2 Mounts         
Camera adapter mounts that have a screw thread on one side and bayonet camera mount the other. Often used with astro and spotting scopes to attach your camera SLR body to the scope directly or via a camera adapter.

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