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The 4LR44 alkaline battery is the replacement for the now discontinued PX28 mercury battery which were used in many car key fobs and older 35mm slr cameras. 4LR44 batteries are also known as A5AA, PX28A, K28A, V34PX, 7H34, 4NZ13, V4034PX, L1325, 4SR44, 544, PX28, V28PX, KS28, RPX28, 4G13, 4034PX, PX28AB and 1414A batteries. The brand supplied can vary as it depends on what stock we have at the time of your order but it is a recognised brand such as Energizer or Panasonic.

  • 4LR44 alkaline battery.
  • 6 volt.
  • Replacement for the now discontinued PX28 mercury battery.
  • PX28 batteries are no longer produced due to their mercury content and toxicity.
  • Have been used in many remote control devices such as car key fobs.
  • Also used in many older 35mm slr cameras.
  • Brand supplied can vary but it is a recognised brand such as Energizer.

4LR44 batteries are also known as:

  • A5AA
  • PX28A
  • K28A
  • V28PX
  • V34PX
  • 7H34
  • 4NZ13
  • V4034PX
  • L1325
  • 4G13
  • 4034PX
  • PX28
  • PX28AB
  • 1414A
  • 4H-C
  • 4NR44
  • 4MR44
  • 4SR44
  • 544
  • KS28
  • RPX28
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