Bresser Star Diagonal Mirror 2 Inch (50.8mm)

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A very good diagonal mirror for telescopes with 2" focuser and for the BRESSER Messier telescopes with a 2.5"- HEX focuser. Enables the use of eyepieces and accessories with 2" barrel, so that a wider field of view can be reached. A larger light beam and a comfortable observation position is achieved by this 2 inch zenith mirror. Especially for use with refractors and for zenith observations a useful accessory. The clamping ring is made of brass, so there will be no scratch marks on your high-quality eyepiece. The precise clamping is another advantage. The BRESSER 2" Diagonal Mirror is completely made of metal and has a very accurate flat mirror. The di-electrical coating delivers a 93% reflectance and is very durable against environmental influences.


  • Star diagonal mirror for focuser with 2" barrel
  • High quality flat mirror
  • Di-electrical mirror coating delivers a 93% reflectance
  • Very durable against environmental influences
  • Eyepiece adapter 1.25/2.0 inch included
  • Brass eyepiece clamping ring
  • Housing completely made of metal
  • Dust caps included


  • Diagonal mirror
  • Eyepiece adapter 1.25/2.0 inch
  • Dust caps


  • Colour: white
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Net Weight: 490 g
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