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Introducing the Cs6 DynamicChrome Kit — a simplified 3-bath dynamic E-6 kit for processing up to 16 rolls of colour reversal film at home.

Slide film is ageless. For years, photographers have loaded it into their cameras and created memories that can be viewed as positive images on strips of film or mounted and projected in all their glory. In 2017 Kodak revived the iconic Ektachrome E100 slide film, reigniting the passion for positive.

The Cs6 "Creative Slide" 3-Bath Process makes complicated chemistry simplified alchemy! The number of processing baths for E-6 film
is reduced from 6 to 3.

This new kit contains everything you need to get started with the Cs6 "Creative Slide" 3-Bath Process; a 1st Developer, a Colour&Reversal bath, and a Bleaches&Fixer bath.


  • For processing any colour reversal/chrome/slide (E-6) film
  • Simple 3-bath process with 3 distinct 1st developer choices for changing the colour profile of your slides
  • Easy to mix 1st Developer concentrate makes 1 litre of stock solution (2 litres of working solution) and can process up to 16 rolls
    or 100ft of slide film
  • Colour&Reversal and Bleaches&Fixer liquid concentrates mix easily with water to make 1000ml of reusable solution, capable of processing 16+
    and 24+ rolls of film, respectively
  • Full colour instruction manual included (standard processing, push/pull, etc.)

D9 "DynamicChrome"
is the world’s most flexible 1st developer for slide film, rendering approximately 9+ stops of usable dynamic range*,
compared to approximately 6 stops with conventional E-6 processing (or D6 "DaylightChrome 1st Developer) while maintaining vibrant colour-contrast
and rich warm-tones with preserved highlight and shadow detail (optimized for scanning) for a more cinematic look. The photographer has the choice
between 3 dilutions; dilute 1+1 with water for warm-tone slides with 2+ stops of extended dynamic range, or for further preserved highlight detail
and a more neutral colour balance dilute 1+2 or 1+3. D9 is perfect for high contrast scenes and is optimized for scanning. 1000ml stock solution
makes 2000ml of single-use working solution (1+1 Dilution) to develop up to 16 rolls or 100ft of slide film.

Warm-Tone Development: 1+1 Dilution ~ 9 min. 15 sec. at 104°f (40°C)
Extended Highlight Latitude: 1+2 Dilution ~ 11 min. at 104°f (40°C)
Pull -1 (overexposed film): 1+3 Dilution ~ 13 min at 104°f (40°C)

For push processing we recommend our D6 or T6 1st Developers.

Cr6 “Colour & Reversal” Colour Developer & Reversal Bath
With the Cs6 process, the reversal step occurs during colour development in our Cr6 “Colour & Reversal” bath, which comes in a liquid concentrate
to make a 1 quart of reusable solution capable of reversing 16+ rolls of developed slide film. Stock > 6min @ 80 -104°F (27-40°C).

Bf6 “Bleaches & Fixer” Pre-Bleach & Blix Bath
With the Cs6 process, the bleach and conditioner steps are combined with the fixing step in our Bf6 “Bleaches & Fixer” bath, which comes in
a liquid concentrate to make 1 quart of reusable solution capable of clearing 24+ rolls of slide film. Stock > 6-10min @ 75 -104°F (23-40°C).

* ”Usable dynamic range” is the amount of full stops of exposure value that renders acceptable detail and colour. “Total dynamic range” however, is
the maximum range containing tonal separation rendering any detail, and is often twice the usable dynamic-range. The usable dynamic range of
conventional slide film is between 6-8 stops (total 14-16 stops). Colour negative is between 9-13 stops (total 16-21 stops).
Digital sensors are mostly between 7-10 stops (total 12-15 stops).

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