Flic Film Allergen Free Fixer (275g)

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Flic Allergen Free Fixer is an easy to use non-hardening fixer that is odourless and contains no ammonia or sulphur dioxide. Many people develop sensitivity to fixers after long term use. The culprits in this sensitivity have been identified as ammonia in rapid style fixers and sulphur dioxide in hypo style fixers. This Fixer contains no ammonia and has been formulated to not create sulphur dioxide when mixed. The use of Flic Low Odour Stop Bath is recommended to avoid the chances of a sulphur dioxide reaction that can occur with the use of acetic acid stop baths.

Flic Allergen Free Fixer is a hypo style fixer and the use of Hypo-Clearing agent in the final wash is highly recommended in order to save water and time.

  • Mix package ingredients into 800ml of water heated to 50 degrees C (122F).
  • Add package B and dissolve.
  • Fill to 1 litre.

Fixing times:

  • Most films: 4-6 minutes
  • T-grain films: 6-9 minutes
  • Resin paper: 4 minutes
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