FPP Blue Ultra ISO 3 Colour 35mm Film

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FPP Blue Ultra 35mm is an extraordinary colour film that produces soft blue / violet hued images with reds that POP, lending your photos a one-of-a-kind, out-of-this-world look. With an ISO of 3, FPP Blue Ultra is recommended for daylight and brightly lit studio settings, and can be used in all manual 35mm cameras. FPP Blue Ultra 35mm is not recommended for plastic or point-and-shoot cameras due to the ultra-low ISO. Price does not include processing.

This special film is a Estar emulsion lab film that's intended for making contact prints in motion picture post production. When using in your 35mm camera to shoot pictorials, this film will produce a film negative and soft, blue/violet colours.

How do I process FPP Blue Ultra?
Standard C-41 Processing! There is no rem jet associated with this film and can be self-developed at home or via any commercial lab that processes C-41 films.

Is it Daylight or Tungsten (Studio Light) Balanced?
This film is neither Daylight or Tungsten! Since this film was not manufactured for in-camera use, colours may shift depending on the colour balance of the light. See photo examples on this page.

Is there an anti-halation layer?
This film does not appear to have a standard anti-halation layer. It does have an Anti-Static Layer - the anti-static layer remains with the film after processing, eliminating the electrostatic attraction of dirt particles to the processed film, even at relatively low humidity. A very thin polymeric backing layer coated on top of the anti-static layer provides improved resistance to back-side scratches, cinch marks, and abrasion of both raw stock and processed film. The backing layer also contains process-surviving lubricant and matte to optimize winding and transport characteristics.

How do I meter for ISO 3?
You must dial the ISO manually into your camera or meter. If your camera can't be set to ISO 3, you can dial in ISO 25 then open up 3 more f-stops.

  • FPP Blue Sensitive 35mm black & white film which has a creamy glow and pleasing results.
  • Ultra low ISO of 6.
  • Needs to be shot in daylight or using a flash.
  • Avoid using a yellow filter or shooting in tungsten light.
  • Note: Thin film stocks are subject to "light piping" when exposed to room light.
  • Please load in dim light and store in a dark camera bag before and after shooting.
  • Price does not include processing.
  • Can you send parcels to me outside of the UK?

    Unfortunately, we do not send goods outside of the UK.

  • How much does delivery of the FPP Blue Ultra ISO 3 Colour 35mm Film cost?

    This depends on the total value of your order and the shipping destination. For more information on delivery costs click here.

  • Is the FPP Blue Ultra ISO 3 Colour 35mm Film in stock?

    The FPP Blue Ultra ISO 3 Colour 35mm Film is available from stock and your order should be dispatched within 48 hours.


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