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FPP’s new Caffenol Developer for black and white processing at home! CUP O’ JOE is a powder solution in a handy pouch that when mixed with water produces 1 litre of B&W home developing solution that will process up to 4 rolls of 35mm, 120 or 8 4x5 sheets of B&W film.

Just follow the easy mixing instructions that come with each pouch for a safe, non-caustic way to eliminate the guesswork and wake up your BW home processing. Each packet comes with complete instructions for developing your own film at home. For people who enjoying the quirky results of an alternative process.

For Processing BW Film - Not For Drinking!


Caffenol is an alternative to traditional chemical film development that uses caffeic acid (usually coffee or tea) and a pH modifier. There are many recipes available online, some of which also include Vitamin C.
According to the Wikipedia, this method of developing photographic film using standard household items was discovered by the Rochester Institute of Technology in 1995. And while instant coffee appears to be the most popular primary ingredient, you can also find home development recipes that use beer, red wine and various food items as the primary ingredient.

Commercially available Caffenol products frequently contain instant coffee and washing powder, along with Vitamin C and other ingredients.


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