FPP Emulsion X High Grain Black & White 35mm Film

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Rare, unusual and different, Emulsion X is an unknown film from a mystery vault. Looking for a gritty, grindy, grainy soft focus vintage look? If so, Emulsion X is for you. It is a panchromatic film with a super thick base. Do not be shocked as it has a red tinted, age related, base fog after processing. ISO 100. 36 exposures. Non DX coded. Price does not include processing.

36 exposure rolls

Do not advance the film past the # of exposures on the roll. (Film will come of the inner spindle if you advance past the # of exposures. If this occurs, DO NOT open the back of your camera. Open your camera in a film changing bag, remove the film and place in the light tight black canister. When sending to lab, indicate that film is loose and off spool.)

Exposure and processing data:

ISO 100, but like most B/W films it has a decent latitude, but over expose it even one stop and the grain explodes. Developing - If home developing - Kodak Xtol stock, 8 minutes and double your normal fix time. Other steps can be completed as your normal routine dictates. We recommend that you use water for the stop bath step as this film can exhibit small pepper flakes in the emulsion and an acid stop bath may magnify this. Keep close control of the temperature throughout all steps of your processing as this film has an older emulsion that will reticulate.

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