Jobo E-6 Colour Positive Developing Kit 2.5L

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Make slide film look its best.

The JOBO Developer for colour positive film will allow you to achieve exactly the look that you would be expecting from the film emulsion of your choice.

In order to maximise the longevity of the chemistry of the 2.5 L kit, JOBO is offering the classic 6-Bath process. The complete 6-Bath process consists of first developer, reversal bath, colour developer, conditioner, bleach, and fixer. The stabilizer which should be applied in a separate bath outside the JOBO processor is also included. No 3-bath kit will achieve the same quality in terms of D-max and colour saturation as this 6-bath kit

  • E-6 slide film developer
  • 2.5 Litres (20 to 40 Films)
  • Perfect for rotary processing
  • Top quality

If used as one-shot developer the kit will yield 20 film rolls to be processed in impeccable quality, even though the E-6 chemistry can be used for up to 40 rolls of film before being utterly depleted. JOBO chemistry is optimized for rotary processing. When applied with constant agitation and precise temperature of 38°C in a JOBO processor you will get the optimum your film has to offer. With absolutely no loss of color or detail. For your best image!

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