LensGo Fog Machine - Smoke B

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A Hand-held Fog Machine with Remote Control

Perfect for Outdoor Events, Parties, Stage Effects, Halloween, Weddings and many more.

The LensGo Smoke B is a 40W highly portable, handheld, and affordable fog machine crafted to enhance your creative endeavours. This Fog Machine, equipped with an array of accessories, allows you to produce diverse fog effects, ranging from a fine mist to robust jets, tailored to your specific needs. Whether you specialize in food, product, commercial, portrait, or fashion photography, or work as a videographer, filmmaker, cinematographer, or in special effects for the movie or TV production industry, this compact device is a valuable addition to your toolkit.


Remote Control: Effortlessly adjust smoke intensity and duration from a distance with the included wireless remote, ideal for stage performances and elevating event ambiance.

Versatile Applications: Ideal for concerts, weddings, Halloween gatherings, and many other events.

Impressive Smoke Output: Producing a substantial amount of smoke, the fogger can cover an area of 20 cubic meters in just one minute, ensuring a mesmerizing and visually striking effect that captivates your audience.

Safe and Reliable: The smoke machine is made with high-quality materials and features built-in safety features, providing you with a worry-free experience. It's perfect for both professionals and beginners, ensuring seamless operation every time.

Certified For Food Safety: The LensGo fog fluid is certified for food safety meaning that the vapour produced is safe and non-toxic. Food and beverage items are safe for consumption after use alongside the fog machine and fluid.

Model - Smoke B portable hand-held Fog Machine
Size - 156.2 x 45 x 77.68mm
Power - 40W
Voltage - 7.4V
Charging Voltage - 5V 2A
Battery Capacity - 2550mAh
Time of Use - After working for 3 minutes, stops spraying for 2 seconds
Continuous Use - 18 minutes
Charging time - About 3 hours
Tank Capacity - 12ml
Liquid Composition - VG (Vegetable glycerin) + PG (propylene glycol)
Smoke output - the amount of smoke produced by Smoke B in 1 minute can cover 20 CBM
Charger - 5V2A, Charging line for the both TYPE-C, other fast charging head and line machine can not identify.

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