Tetenal Superfix Fixer Tablets For B&W Film | Papers (20 Tabs)

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Tetenal Superfix Tabs - 20 tablets for approx 3 litres of film fixer or for approx 4.5 litres of paper fixer, approx 20 films 135-36 or approx 10m squared of PE/RC paper or approx 5m squared of FB paper. Superfix Tabs is a fixer in tablet form for Black & White films and Black & White papers in trays and developing tanks. Tetenal Superfix – for many decades, this name has stood for the safe and fast fixation of films and papers. Technically updated again and again and adapted to the available materials, Superfix has almost become a synonym for S/W fixation baths. The new SUPERFIX TABS complement the range of liquid and powdery fixation baths from TETENAL with a particularly user-friendly product: The tabs are equally suitable for T-grain films as for classic film emulsions - for RC papers as well as for baryte material. SUPERFIX TABS are formulated without boron compounds and – just like PARVOFIN TABS – meet the future legal requirements for chemical products for end consumers. The dosing of the SUPERFIX TABS to 150 ml working solution or to a multiple of it allows fixation in all common development tank and trays of different sizes. Outstanding is the very long shelf life of the SUPERFIX TABS, over the years the required number of tabs can be successively removed from the storage box and processed - the working solution is always fresh. Superfix tabs stand for a very economical application, from the first to the last tablet the chemistry is optimally exploited and sporadic applications over years are easily possible.


• Express fixation bath
• For all B&W films and B&W papers
• Universal and easy to use application
• Short processing times
• High storage stability over many years
• Free of boron compounds
• Temperature-independent storage

The portioning "1 tablet for 150 ml" allows a particularly easy handling: depending on the filling quantity of the developing tank or developing tray used, the required number of tablets is dissolved in water.

The extraordinarily long shelf life of SUPERFIX TABS of at least 4 years allows for particularly high economic efficiency, especially when working only sporadically over longer periods of time.

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