Washi K ISO 100 4x5 Inch Sheet Film (12 Sheets)

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"K" is made out of a 3km Kodak Plus-X film stock for aerial photography. Expired since 2000, it has been well preserved and does still give very nice results.

Kodak Plus-X has been out of production since 2011, but it still remains one of the major films of the analogue era. It will give good results for all kinds of classic photography.

From bottom to top of the holder, the notch must be placed in the upper right corner. As this original stock of film is perforated, perforations will be visible on two sides of the pictures. This "aerographic" version of Kodak Plus-X is slightly more sensitive to red and will give very nice results with landscape photo.

  • Sensitivity: 100 ISO
  • Grain: fine
  • Contrast: moderate
  • Production process: industrial coating
  • Base: Polyester, 100 m
  • Spectral sensitivity: Maximum 700 nm
  • Darkroom safelight: total darkness
  • Processing: Structure of layers: exposure developer dilution time T°C protective layer
  • 100 iso Ultrafin 1+10 8 mn 20°C sensitive emulsion
  • 100 iso Rodinal 1+25 6 mn 20°C
  • 100 iso D-76 1+1 7 mn 20°C subbing
  • 100 iso HC-110 B 5 mn 24°C
  • 100 iso Ilfosol 3 1+9 5 mn 20°C polyester base
  • 100 iso Ilfotec L29 1+19 5,5 mn 20°C
  • 100 iso Xtol 1+1 5 mn 24°C antistatic backlayer#
  • Loading: Standard sizes: 12 pcs sheet-film pack: 4x5"

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